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Catch Up – Part 6 and Final April 15, 2013

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Yes, this post will catch up in time when the 2012 car shows are over, and Sapphire Trance goes into hibernation for the winter.

On September 15, we traveled south to Ottawa, KS for the 26th Annual Ol’ Marais River Run Car Show.

Windshield Sticker

Windshield Sticker

We heard of this car show from our good friend Max, who has shown his 1950 Ford Fairlane 500 at this event for many years. You can see his car on the Picture page. And he was so right. The event is held in Forest Park, so a lot of shade and cars parked everywhere. You do have to pick your spot carefully to avoid falling objects from the trees, as well as sap. But all-in-all a nice event.

That brings us up to putting Sapphire Trance in storage the first of November, and there she sat for five months, until bringing her home last week for some tweaking, which I’ll address in a future post.

Catch Up Time – Part 5 April 14, 2013

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Sapphire Trance is back home and out of storage. Need to do some tweaks before heading to the Lake of the Ozarks and the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals the first weekend in May. Therefore I don’t have much time to get this blog caught up.

The next event attended was the GoodGuys Mid-Western Nationals held over the Labor Day weekend at the Kansas Speedway. This event didn’t start out too well because on Friday, the day it was to begin, it was raining. Sapphire Trance stayed in the garage, but I did make it to the venue to pick up my entry documents. Saturday was worse. It was so bad that I was told the GoodGuys waived the standard $18 admission fee for anyone brave enough to get outside. They also staged the vehicles under the stadium seats instead of the parking lot as planned.

But Sunday was a much better day, sunny and hot. What you would expect for Labor Day weekend in KC. The day started kind of slow as you can see by this photo taken at 9am.



By 10:45am, things had picked up considerably, and the crowds were making their rounds.



Check out the Picture page for some of the hundreds of cars on show.

I was really looking forward to this event because in the past they let each car on the KS Speedway NASCAR track for a couple of laps. Signed up in December, but learned later that due to track resurfacing, no drive around the track in 2012. Also they moved all the cars out to the spectator parking lots, and away from the track in-field. Not very exciting. In fact, something happened between the GoodGuys organization and the Speedway track because there is no Mid-Western Nationals this year.

Sapphire Trance at the Show

Sapphire Trance at the Show

Catch Up Time – Part 4 March 23, 2013

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Here it is, Saturday morning, March 23, and the weather prediction is for rain this afternoon, followed by 8-14” of snow overnight. What happened to spring? And our average high should be nudging up to 60º, but today, we’ll be lucky to hit 40º.

While the weather outside is cold and going to be frightful, inside I’m thinking of Sapphire Trance and getting back in the saddle. A perfect time to bring things closer up to today.

Picking up where we left off, friends Jim and Connie came over from St Louis before heading south to Branson. Jim and I drove down to pick up the hot rod, followed later by Mary and Connie. Jim had a present for me. A T-shirt with a picture of Sapphire Trance on the front, and a corresponding hat before leaving for Branson.

Sapphire Trance Shirt and Hat

Sapphire Trance Shirt and Hat

I picked up Sapphire Trance from Gary, owner of The Hack Shack and headed on over to the Branson Super Summer Car Show, held each year the second weekend in August. Picked up my credentials in one area, and then drove over to the Shepherd of the Hills area with Jim to pick a place to display the car.

When driving into the area, the first stop was a picture opportunity which looked like this:

Official Branson Super Summer Cruise Show Picture

Official Branson Super Summer Cruise Show Picture

After that was complete, we drove through the area to pick out a parking place. There is some areas on concrete, but most are off the road on grass. There were a lot of cars already in place, as this car show typically brings in around 500 cars, but we found a nice shady area called the Circle of Legends, opposite the Inspiration Tower. And the shade was nice since it can get hot in Branson in August. Here is a picture of Jim relaxing by the car.

Jim in the Shade

Jim in the Shade

There are other pictures taken at the car show which can be found on the picture page.

What also made this a very special event is that during this weekend I hit one of those birthday milestones (at my age, every birthday is a milestone) and the entire family joined us. Tracy and later Steve, along with the three grandkids were there, and Brett flew in from NC to be part of the celebration.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

Another great thing about the Branson Super Summer Car Show is that you can leave your car overnight. Most multi-day car shows require you to take your car “home” and then return the next day to go through the process of finding a place to park. I know of people who will get up at 5am and drive to the show location in order to get the “perfect” spot. But at Branson, once you’re in, you’re in for the duration unless you want to relocate.

Now the downside. Brett was driving Sapphire Trance and all of a sudden, no gas pedal. The engine was still running, but no way to control the engine speed. We were on the road to our weekend lodging where there wasn’t a shoulder, only ditches on each side of the pavement. But luckily he was able to coast to a spot and stop. Opened the hood and the diagnosis was a broken throttle linkage. Long story short, we were able to get a replacement from O’Reilly’s and got back on the road.

Then that night it rained, and when getting into the hot rod the next morning, there was water everywhere. The windows were up, so how did the rain get in? After some investigation, we found that the seals on the front and back windows weren’t totally sealed, letting the water in. The Safelite dealer Gary used to install the windows didn’t use enough mastic, leaving gaps that let the water flow into the cabin.

But let me continue the water story. On the way back home on Tuesday, it started to rain. Have you been driving down a 4-lane highway and water is coming in from the windshield and the back window? No fun. And it isn’t fun driving an open wheel car in the rain. The tires really kick up the water and throw it everywhere. Did I mention that the hot rod doesn’t have windshield wipers? I relied on Rain-X and it worked as advertised, at least on the outside of the windows.

And after we returned home and the car was in the garage, I found water in the trunk. After investigating that problem, it was learned that the space between the trunk aluminum and the fiberglass body hadn’t been drawn together using rivets, nor was there silicone in between those two body parts. That’s on my to-do-list when the hot rod comes out of storage.

Overall a good learning trip and a great time with the family. Went to Silver Dollar City, saw a great show with Six, had my birthday dinner out and then enjoyed a little golf of the miniature variety. Life is good.

Next entry will be about the Ol’ Marais River Run held in Ottawa, KS.

Catch Up Time – Part 3 March 14, 2013

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Only 1 1/2 months since the last post, and much more to add. Hopefully I’ll get things caught up by the time Sapphire Trance is out of storage and on the way to the Magic Dragon Street Meet. Time will tell.

It’s now July of last year and one thing left undone was a headliner. The one that came with the kit just wasn’t up to what the hot rod should have, so took it to a local car upholsterer with a good reputation for doing custom work to have a headliner made and installed. Just a simple black leather headliner stitched to mimic the seat stitching. Took a few days to get completed, but it looked great.

The following weekend, the local Mustang club held their monthly cruise at Bates City BBQ. Cars and BBQ. Doesn’t get much better. So with the new headliner in, and Sapphire Trance polished, we drove over to show her off. But on the way over, one corner of the headliner started to come unglued. Not a big thing that could be corrected later.

After a couple of hours with the car stationary at the cruise, sitting in the hot sun, and time for a little BBQ dinner, a friend of ours who was also there and showing his beautiful Chevelle, came into the restaurant and said the headline had become totally unglued. What to do? We tried holding it temporarily in place with masking tape, but no luck. Too big to put in the trunk. So that night, Mary and I held the headliner above our heads and headed home. We laughed and cried all the way. Must have been a sight for those checking out the car on the way home.

The next day I called the upholstery shop and told them of my plight. No problem. They’ll just reinstall it with more powerful adhesive. But they couldn’t get to it until the following week. That was too bad because I was entering Sapphire Trance in the Church of the Resurrection Annual Car Show the following weekend. Hoped to have the car in pristine shape for Sapphire Trance’s first judged car show. So it isn’t perfect. Still a great event not to be missed.

Saturday, July 14 arrives, and we drive Sapphire Trance out to get checked in to the show. Beautiful and hot July day with a good turnout of both cars and spectators. Bottom line is that Sapphire Trance received 1st place in the Modified Customs or Street Rods 1900-1945 category.

Sapphire Trance and Trophy

At this point there were still some “issues” with the hot rod. The fuel sender/gauge wasn’t registering as anticipated. Always a guess as to how much fuel was left. Didn’t want to run out of gas again. A helpless feeling. The cruise control still wasn’t working properly. Once engaged, it wouldn’t maintain the proper speed, but would instead slow down and then serge to gain the set speed. And some other odds and ends.

So I made arrangements to return the hot rod to The Hack Shack for additional work. I drove Sapphire Trance, while Mary followed in a support car. We knew we were going to be leaving the car for a period of time, so needed a way to get back home. On the way down, and being paranoid about the amount of fuel left, I decided to stop every 100 miles for a fill-up, whether I needed it or not. Again, I was unsure about how much gas was in the tank because of the errant fuel gauge/sender.

We made it just fine and left Sapphire Trance with Gary and guys. And since we were in Arkansas, we decided to visit the Pea Ridge National Military Park on the way back home. This is a 4,300 acre battlefield, where 26,000 soldiers fought to determine the fate of Missouri during the Civil War. A great experience. Try it the next time you are in the Bentonville area.

On August 9, Gary trailered Sapphire Trance to Branson, MO, in time to enter another car show, the Branson Super Summer Cruise Car Show. That’s where I will pick up Part 4 of our journey back in time.

Catch Up Time – Part 2 January 29, 2013

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When we left you at the end of Part 1, talking about the Street Rodder Road Tour was next. The Street Rodder Road Tour 2012 consisted of eight legs, and we opted for Leg 2. It began at the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY and ended at the Back to the 50’s Weekend in St. Paul, MN. It also came through the KC area and made an overnight stop. So of the eight legs, this looked ideal.

Before the June 16 problems mentioned in the Part 1 post, the plan was to drive the hot rod to Bowling Green to pick up the beginning of the tour. I registered for the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion. Purchased tickets to take the Corvette factory tour. Made our hotel reservations in Bowling Green and the next stop in St. Charles, MO. But after taking the hot rod on that ill fated shakedown cruise, I didn’t feel comfortable making the long journey out and back up north. So we opted to forgo the first two stops, and to pick up the tour in KC. And since we weren’t sure how the hot rod would handle the trip, we took the Thunderbird instead. Looked kind of out of place will all those great hot rods and street rods on the road trip, but at least we were going.

When the Tourarians arrive in Overland Park, I met them before heading out to Aeromotive, a manufacturer of fuel systems. Click on over to the Pictures page and scroll down to see the 36 cars plus a 1940 Ford driven by the leader of the tour, Jerry Dixey. There was a couple from Australia that participated, and Mary and me in the TBird. So 38 “groups” were on this ride.

Us Enhanced

Jerry wouldn’t take our picture with the TBird. Too new. But he did allow us to be photographed in front of the ’40 Ford that was driven by Jerry Dixey.

Had a great start at Aeromotive with BBQ dinner and a lot of wonderful cars whose owners brought them to show off just for the evening. One of those was a Baker U fraternity brother, Jim B. Here is Jim and his car:

Jim B

Jim B

On Tuesday morning, 7:30am, we met up with the group in Overland Park and headed towards Lincoln, NE. Our first stop was Speedway Motors and the Smith Collection Museum of American Speed. “Speedy” Bill and his wife Joyce founded Speedway motors, known as America’s Oldest Speed Shop, in 1952. Together with their four sons, the family continues to guide and manage the company’s daily operations. For those familiar with racing in the KC area, “Speedy” Bill use to race at Lakeside and Olympic. “Speedy” stopped by to shake hands and say hello.

"Speedy" Bill at Speedway Motors

“Speedy” Bill at Speedway Motors

Click on over to the Pictures page for more insight into their wonderful museum.

That night we were treated to a car cruise hosted by the Rebels Car Club. Pictures of some of the nice rides can be found on the Pictures page.

The next morning after the 8am driver’s meeting, we headed north to Dakota Digital in Sioux Falls, SD, where we toured their facilities and they fed us. After lunch, we headed east toward Brandon, SD. We made two stops, the first being at the car collection of Larry Olson. Loved his ’63 split window Corvette. And when you thought you were done looking at all the cars, he opened up the back door and lead us to another building with more cars. They also fed us.

After dinner we headed on over Bowman’s Real Hot Rods to see more beautiful cars, some complete and others in the works. Check out the pictures and notice the ’40 Ford Deluxe, which won honors for the NSRA Pros Pick at the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, followed by the Best Street Rod and the Shades of the Past Hot Rod Roundup at Pigeon Forge, TN.

Up for the last driver’s meeting and off toward St. Paul. We had pre-registered for the Back to the 50’s Weekend, thinking we would have the hot rod to show. But having the T-Bird meant no car showing for us. All the cars at this event have to be built on or before 1964, with the stipulation that Mustangs were not allowed (you’ll remember that the first Mustang was designated as a 1964 1/2). But since we had registered, we picked up our credentials, which gave us two passes into the event during the 3-day weekend. It was a big zoo trying to find a place to park, but we made it, and then headed over to the hotel.

And while killing some time, we made a trip to the house where we lived in Fridley from 1972 to 1975,

First MN House

First MN House

our second house in Roseville from 1975 until we got transferred to NYC in 1976,

Second MN House

Second MN House

and the school where Tracy attended grade school.

Tracy's Grade School

Tracy’s Grade School

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, we walked throughout the MN State Fairgrounds and viewed a ton of cars. Did I mention that they had over 12,000 registered cars and over 100,000 spectators. Oh, I also took some pictures which you’ll find on the Pictures page. Check out the red ’33 Ford with the see-thru grill. Where is the radiator?

'33 Ford - Where is the Radiator?

’33 Ford – Where is the Radiator?

There is a picture of the answer.

And look for the two pictures of the Ford that looks brown from the back and green from the front. There is even a video of the car on the Video page.

Overall it was a great experience. Lot of great cars throughout this land. Amazing car show in St. Paul. And we got to see sites that took us back to the 70s.

A lot more catching up to do, and hopefully I’ll get to it before another five months goes by.

2012 in Review – Blog Viewership Wise January 8, 2013

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

We had people reading our blog from 50 countries in 2012. The majority came for the good old US of A, with Canada and Germany not far behind.

Click here to see the complete report.

Milestone September 7, 2012

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I know there is a lot of information missing between the last post and this one, but just had to put out this milestone that happened this morning around 8:30am at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Metcalf. And here it is:

1,000 Miles and Counting (click picture to enlarge)

Thanks for looking at this post.

Catch Up Time – Part 1 September 3, 2012

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I have really been lax in keeping this blog current. And as you can imagine, a lot has happened in the last 2 1/2 months. I’m not going to put everything into this one post that has happened, but just a bit here and there to get everything up to date.

The last post was about getting Sapphire Trance licensed, and at the end, said it was time to put some miles on the hot rod to work out any kinks. As indicated in an earlier post, one plan was to take Sapphire Trance on the Aeromotive/Street Rodder Road tour coming through KC on June 18 and then making our way north to the Back to the 50’s car show in St. Paul. Because of issues that developed when driving the car many miles (gas gauge doesn’t work, hood latch and passenger side door latch doesn’t work, fiberglass moving all over the place, car moves in park, etc.) here’s how we found those issues.

On Saturday, June 16, it was a pretty day, so we thought we would head north. If you lived in the KC area during the 50s and 60s, you will remember an eatery called Nu-Way. There were several in town, most notable to me was the one at 47th and Prospect, and another at 63rd and Troost. But they have been long gone. However, there is a Nu-Way in Leavenworth, so why not drive up there in Sapphire Trance and kill two birds with one stone. Our first stop north was to fill up the hot rod, since the gas gauge was on the fritz and I had no idea how much was in the tank. We stopped at QuikTrip and put in just under four gallons.

The ride north to Leavenworth was as expected. The suspension is tight so all of the deviations in a road surface come through to the driver and passenger. The car is rather noisy too, since the engine is loud, the exhaust comes right behind the doors, and there isn’t a whole lot of insulation in the car. It also got rather warm since you are sitting on the mufflers and the engine heat is transferred through the firewall. We did use the AC and that helped quite a bit.

Arrived at the Nu-Way and placed our order. Now my memory may be a tad off, but the burgers (loose hamburger) weren’t up to my anticipation. Good, but not as good as I remembered. After lunch we continued north to Weston. Didn’t stop but drove through several streets in town.

We drove on over to I29 and south towards home. But on this Saturday, the annual KCI Cruise was being held, an open air show where anyone can display their ride. We have been to this show as spectators, but this would be the first time as a participant. Got there around 3pm and found a good parking place. The event is in a parking lot in front of an office building, so not much shade and it was hot that Saturday. We did find some shade for Mary, and set up our chairs. However, it was a piece from Sapphire Trance, so I moved my chair back over toward the car. I also called my friend Jim H. who I’ve known since 5th grade, and asked if he was bringing one of his Chevy Chevelle show cars to the event. He said that since the threat of rain had passed, he would be over.

I was glad Jim was coming because when driving from Weston to the KCI Cruise, I noticed the hood didn’t seem quite right. When I checked it out and opened the hood, I found the hood latch bracket had become loose and I wasn’t able to get it to go back in the latched position. How the heck was I going to get the car home when the hood might fly open at any second? Thankfully Jim had tools and I was able to temporarily fix it for the trip home.

At around 7pm, the event was officially over, so Jim and I said our goodbyes. I tried to fire up the hot rod for the trip home. However, it didn’t start. I cranked it, it started to fire but never caught. This happened several times, when one of the participants walked over to help. It was about this time that Mary said it sounded like the car was out of gas. I poo pooed that idea, telling her we filled up 89 miles ago, so the car couldn’t be out of gas. So the guy started to diagnose the problem and thought it might be a loose wire to the coil. We tightened that, but still no start.

Then another five guys came over and tried to figure out the problem. The event was over, but these guys weren’t going to leave me in the lurch. They checked out the Powerjection III EFI. One guy crawled under the car, which is impossible since the clearance is only about 6″, and pulled off the fuel filter to make sure it wasn’t plugged. One guy took out his smartphone and went to the Powerjection III website to check out their support page. We listened to make sure the fuel pump was working. After about 45 minutes, one guy suggested putting some fuel in the tank. Do you see where this is going. He had about 1/2 gallon, poured it in, and then went to the gas station, bringing back another gallon and a half. Poured that in, and it fired up. Mary was right all along.

We thanked everyone for taking time to help us, which was really a very pleasant surprise. Car guys are believers in helping each other. We drove the 1/2 mile to the gas station and pumped in over 10 gallons. What I learned from this pumping experience is you cannot fill the tank up using the automatic fill method. You can start in that mode, but once it clicks off, you need to very slowly manually fill the tank. So when I thought the tank was filled up at the beginning of our trip, it was not. Also the Powerjection III system was in the learning mode, so we were probably sucking down gas at around 8 miles to the gallon, I estimate.

After that, we went straight home and were glad to be there. Quite an adventure for our “work out the kinks” ride. Next, our Aeromotive/Street Rodder Road Tour.

Inspection/Licensing June 21, 2012

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For months I have had concerns about getting the hot rod inspected and licensed. One concern is related to windshield wipers. KS has a statutes a that says all cars must have windshield wipers. Sapphire Trance is sans windshield wipers.

So about two months ago I made a visit to one of the two Johnson County DMVs. Showed them my paperwork and they said all was in order. My first step after the car was returned was to get it inspected by the KS Highway Patrol. There are two locations that do inspections and they directed me to the nearest on Lamar.

So the car was back home on Wednesday, June 13, but too late in the day for the inspection. At 7:45am on Thursday, the hot rod is sitting in the parking lot of the KHP for inspection. Several cars had their hoods raised, but I just decided to go inside and find out the routine. Went up to a lady and told her the car needed an inspection. She asked for my paperwork and I showed her my Certificate Of Origin from Factory Five. She looked at it briefly and said I didn’t need to be there and could go straight to the Licensing Office. Sure surprised me, but what do I know so headed out the door.

And then it hit me. I need a VIN for the hot rod and that has to be issued by the KHP. So I turn around and went back in, but the lady was gone to inspect a car. When she returned 15 minutes later, I told her a VIN was needed. “Oh” she said. “We don’t issue VINs here. You have to go to the Olathe location.”

“But” I said, “the Lamar DMV sent me here.”

“They made a mistake.” she said. Out to the hot rod and back on the road headed south to Olathe.

After a stop at home, I drove to Olathe, taking the back streets in order to avoid a traffic stop since I didn’t have either a license plate or insurance at that point. Even made a quick detour because I caught a glimpse of a police officer who had stopped someone.

At 9:30 I had signed in at the KHP Inspection desk and was told to wait for an officer. Twenty minutes later an officer walked in and asked who was next. That was me. He asked if that was my blue car in the lot, to which I answered in the affirmative. He said, “Sir, you do realize that we must hold your car over the weekend for a thorough inspection?” I was speechless, with all kinds of thoughts flashing through my mind. And then he smiled and I knew he was kidding.

He asked to see my paperwork for the fame, body, engine, and transmission, which I did. After making copies, he asked me to follow him out to the car.

At the car he said he was a car guy, pointing to the new Vette next to the hot rod. He explained that his wife bought it for him in exchange for him not racing anymore. Sounds like a good trade to me.

Anyway, he asked me to show him the serial number on the frame that corresponded with the Certificate Of Origin, which I did. He checked the numbers and then asked for me to raise the hood to look at the engine. And that was it. No question about windshield wipers. No checking to see if the brake lights or turn signals worked. He just wanted to make sure the numbers matched, and that was it. He said he would go inside and finish up the paperwork and would meet me back inside. What a big relief.

Ten minutes later he returned with the completed paperwork and I was headed home, VIN in hand.

Next step was to get proof of insurance. I had done some preliminary work through my current carrier and one other carrier that specializes in insurance of hot rods and collector cars. I sent the VIN to both, and the one that was my current carrier informed me that they would only insure the hot rod if they insured a daily driver. Why didn’t tell me that a week ago?

At 2:30pm, my current insurer asked for more information, which was emailed immediately. An auto reply was received, acknowledging receipt, and said it might take up to 24 hours to respond.

On Friday, a response of approval was received, but by that time, 10:45am, the DMV was not taking anymore appointments for title work that day, as they continued to have a gigantic slowdown because of a new computer system installed six weeks earlier. The plan, Plan G, was to get some miles on the hot rod, to work out, or at least identify bugs, before heading out on Tuesday with the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour. More about the weekend later.

On Monday, June 18, I was sitting in the Lamar location of the DMV at 7:25am. The line of people waiting to get served stretched out the door. 7:29 I dialed a QLess number to get a position in line. It wasn’t available. 7:30 I dialed again and got in. My wait would be seven minutes. Not seven hours? So I hopped out of the car and headed for the line. As soon as I got in line the phone rang, informing me that they were ready for me a window 5. I couldn’t believe my ears. But I was at the back of the line, out the door. I didn’t want to upset those waiting in line, but I also didn’t want to loose my place at window 5. I hung back until I got in the first door, then cut the line, going into the office and straight to window 5 before anybody could question my move.

7:35 and I’m in front of Chris with my receipts from the build and the COO, proof of insurance, and the paperwork from the KHP. She made copies of several documents, asked for a check to cover sales tax, personal property taxes, various other fees, handed over a license plate and I was out the door at 8:02. After all the horror stories of people waiting hours to get their title work, watching the DMV shutdown hours before their scheduled closing since the new computer system was installed, and seeing that there were 85 people waiting in line to get their title work as I walked out the door, I was done in less than 1/2 hour. Someone was watching over me.

Bottomline, I did a lot of fretting over nothing. Next up, running the hot rod through it’s paces to ferret out bugs.

Sapphire Trance Arrived June 20, 2012

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After some last minute items to address, Gary loaded the hot rod on its return trip to Prairie Village on Wednesday, June 13. At that point the car had been at the HACK Shack for just over seven months, about eight more weeks than anticipated. Gary arrived at a little after two and we proceeded to unload the car and remaining parts. We have a video and pictures of the unload which will be posted later. But the car looks brilliant. I would post them now but I don’t have access to them as we are participating in the AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour, currently in Brandon, SD.

The hot rod was delivered with 147 miles on it, and we proceeded to add a few more driving up and down the side streets, testing it out. I am so glad the decision to go with the power steering assist was made, because there is a world of difference between the way it now turns a corner vs. the way it drove the first part of May. We heard a moaning sound as it went around some corners that will have to be explored. Other than that the test drive was good.

In the next installment I’ll tell you about the inspection by the KS Highway Patrol and the subsequent DMV licensing experience. I’ll also tell you why we aren’t driving the hot rod on the Road Tour after some issues appeared.


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